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Thread: Remington 700 Replacement Trigger

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    Remington 700 Replacement Trigger

    I want to replace the trigger on my Remington 700 VSSF and was thinking of either Jewel or Timney.

    Any views or experiences on either make/, also any recomendations as to the cheapest place to buy one?

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    sorry this post is a bit vague but i spoke to the chap who deals with these triggers but cant rember the company name (think it was in scotland) a while ago and he said to get the timney as the jewel was really no better than the standard remington trigger he was a very knoliagable chap and very nice to deal with but he didnt deal with the public at all when it came to purcasing his products for some reason and you had to go through your local gun dealer maybe someone else can help you with who ever it was

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    Jackson Rifles?

    Hi mate,

    The company you're thinking of is Jackson Rifles I would guess? He would recommend Timney as I think he's the sole UK importer.

    There seem to be loads of mixed posts on the web but generally Jewel triggers are better than Timney triggers but are considerably more expensive.

    I was hoping someone may be able to recommend somewhere that does one or the other for a reasonable price???

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    Talk to Dave at South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies he will put you right. They import both makes of triggers and Dave builds semi-custom remm’y 700 at the shop.

    They get very busy on the phone, Roger (the owner) is never off it.

    Dave is a moderator on Varmint hunter UK, so you can contact him there if the phone is engaged.

    Best rgds


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    Thanks mate, I've Emailed South Yorkshire Shooting Supplies and will try and contact Dave through UK Varmint as well.

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    i have a jewel on my 700 and its very good. breaks like glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jordang
    i have a jewel on my 700 and its very good. breaks like glass.
    Where did you buy it from mate and what sort of price if you don't mind me asking?

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    Go direct to the Timney Manufacturing website . I have just got one for a CZ 550 and it cost £79 all in and arrived in 10 days. Takes 20 minutes to fit and breaks like a dream come true.

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    I have just replaced my trigger on my remmy with a rifle basix unit - great unit with a crisp, clean break. Very easy to fit, all you need is a pin punch!

    I tried to order a timney from Sportsman Gun Centre - and after a month of waiting I cancelled the order and ordered my basix trigger from Midway.

    Just double check that you are buying the one with a safety, easy to make that mistake and order one without...

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    I have fitted 2 timneys, one for a mate that came without the safety, I just took the saftey off of the standard trigger and put it on to the timney. I fitted a standard Timney to mine that came with the safety. Both were an easy job and both are good but I think my mates trigger is just a little more crisp than mine.


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