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Thread: any optical experts out there?

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    any optical experts out there?

    I have a digital NV monocular which has a 5x magnification

    My question is which lens gives the magnification?
    if I hold it with the objective on the left and the ocular on the right it has: (going left to right)
    large front Objective double convex, thick middle lens single convex/flat, small lens double convex, Digital Chip (guts) single, ocular lens (think this is a double convex lens too)

    by double convex I mean convex on both sides! (I am not an optical engineer as you can see!)

    next question if I identify which lens does the magnifying, is it a simple case of removing it to get to a 1x mag?

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    Bewsh - it will normally be the front objective lense that gives the magnification. It is then down to the focal length of the lens to decipher the actual mag value.
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    so pulling one of the two lenses will render it useless?
    is the focal length measured between the two front lenses or the first and third?
    3rd lens seems very small to maybe condense the sight picture into the size of the chip (which is about 1/2" square)

    would it be possible to focus it at all without the front lens do you think?

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    Having been involved in the past in designing optical systems, the individual lens elements of the compound lens will all contribute to the overall desired result - i.e. magnification, depth-of-field, eye relief, focus, flatness of the image (compared with a fish-eye for example) and which way up the image is viewed as some lenses will invert the image.
    By removing any element it may disrupt the whole unit, rendering it unusable.
    Is it possible to remove each lens element and see what happens?

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    yes I think that is exactly what happens!
    cant see my hand in front of my face on removal of either or both of the front two.......back to the drawing board!

    In short I want to butcher a digital NV monocular to use as an add on

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    As virbius says but not sure it applies to a NV as the obj and chip would have to move as one wouldn't it?
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    What make of monocular is it?

    If it is a Yukon Ranger I remember reading somewhere that you could buy a lower mag objective lens for it, can't recall the details but a Google may turn it up.

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