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Thread: .243 sierra gameking

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    .243 sierra gameking

    Hello everyone
    I,ve got some federal premium .243 sierra gameking 100gn btsp,they shoot very well from my sauer 202,im more than happy with their performance on paper but have not had the chance to use them on a deer yet.I havent seen much written on their capabilities in the field in 243,does anyone use them or has used them got anything to say about them good or bad.
    Cheers neil.

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    before i started reloading i used this round. shot muntie roe fallow red and loads of fox with this load. never had a problem with accuracy or terminal effect.

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    i have use 100gr gameking with great effect on fallow deer you will have no problems with them , a properly placed well constructed .243 bullet will bring all UK deer down ..........neil

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    Thanks for the replies pete and neil,i will mostly be after roes but will have the chance to go for some reds later in the year,its reassuring to know they will do the job on larger deer as well especially as they seem very accurate.
    Thanks neil

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    Very good bullet..i highly recommend them.

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    I have used Gameking bullets for three years and when you compare the prices with the end results in the field. Excellent. My Tikka doesn't like the bullet in the lands so I jump around 10/1000ths. Very accurate. Using 41.8g of VU7000 they trundle along quite happily at around 2942. In the field very very effective. On the range at 100 yards .5"

    With 44.5g of N160 you will break the 3000 mark which should be fast enough for anyone. Not used in the field but range work suggests not as accurate at .6".

    I have also had good results with the Hornady 100g Interlock code 2453. However the new prices frighten me so I shall use my stock of Gamekings up before contemplating any change.


    I have detailed records of my load development for the Gameking/Interlock if you are interested.



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    Thanks for the offer spiker,i havent got into reloading yet but i,m seriously thinking about it the way the prices are going up.I picked these up for 36 a box but they,d had them a while so dread to think what they will be next time around,anway stocked upto my limit so should last me for a bit.Shot my first roe buck yesterday at about 100 yds in just behind front leg broke 2 ribs on exit and just caught the muscle of other leg,there was lungs sprayed up the ground behind and it fell on the spot so i,m now more than happy with the round.The quoted mv of these was 2960 so quite close to what youre loading at.
    Thanks again neil

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    Thats all I use through my Tikka 595, have shot red with them (body and neck shots) as well as roe and the job gets done. Accuracy wise, 100yrds, .75inch.

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