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Thread: Cases sticking in die

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    Cases sticking in die

    Tonight I have been trying to resize some cases but have come across a problem I haven't had before - a case stuck solid in the die. The cases are federal .243 and have been reloaded six times. I checked the adjustment of the die as per the manufactures (lee) instruction and I have it set correctly and can see no obvious obstructions in the die to cause the cases to stick.I can see no signs of pressure on the cases and the primers are not flattened after firing so I am wondering if they are becoming hardened and that is whats causing them to stick? The cases were well lubed before resizing. Has anyone any ideas/advise? And yes the stuck cases were a proper bugger to get out!

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    It sounds like to need to aneal your cases. Plus Lee dies are renound for having a poor finish which will tend to 'grab the case on the push and pull stroke.

    If you anneal your cases you should find that the brass is more flexible, so will 'flex' more freely to go into and come out of the die. I tend to anneal my cases after they have been shot 5 times - anal I know but I feel more comfortable knowing I can get them out...!

    If you do anneal you cartidges, get a temperature crayon that you can use to check the temp and ensure the neck gets hot enough but not too hot!! I do my mind stood in a bath of ice water so they can be quenched quickly and the heat is less likely to permiate into the body of the case.

    You could try neck timming, turning and/or reaming. This will reduce the thickness of the neck. You would really need to aneal your cases first but it does reduce the force require to resize slightly. Just be causous if trimming/turning not to take off too much. I take my neck walls down to 0.01" and no more, if I go too far I bin the case and start again.

    When you resize do you clean out the inside powder burn from the neck? Try using a bronze brush and giving it a good polish with a powder solvent. This can help to make it smooth of the button.

    Hope that this helps.



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    sometimes, old dried on lube inside the die can cause this too.

    strip the die down to component parts and throw it in the dishwasher. when done, put a bit of autosol or similar on a piece of wirewool and scrub the inside of the die out. swill out with plenty of wd40 and you should have no further probs

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    ive had this same problem and i done the same as manc i just stripped down the die using 2 spanners washed and scrubbed out the insides and put back together and sprayed with some old choke and carburetour cleaner i had in the shed you would be amazed at all the rubbish that comes out and the next round i put through had extra lube on it to coat the inside the die is fine now

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    Thanks for the replies. I have cleaned die and made sure all cases are well lubed and all seems to be working fine.

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