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Thread: rspca and feral cats.

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    rspca and feral cats.

    Just rang the rspca to ask them to remove some feral cats from my sister in laws shed. I quite clearly explained to them that these cats are causkng a health and safety problem; the kids can't play in the garden because the cats hiss and threaten them, sister in law can't leave doors or windows open because the cats get in the house, and have taken food. The rspca refused to do anything because quote - cats have the right to roam - unquote.
    I asked about my sister in laws right to not have feral animals on/in her property, and they couldn't care less.

    I am prepared to deal with these animals, but need to know what I can do legally.

    My licence has the usual blurb about protecting animals/crops/people, and is open, so shooting may be an option.
    Anybody have any sensible advice?


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    I think this is a chat to BASC job.

    You could try and get a cat cage trap from RSPCA and remove them youself if BASC say you cant shoot them.

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    Cage trap, gloves and 're-home' them on one of your permissions.............

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    Having found a neigbours cat on our patio in the last stages of dieing after someone decided to help it along the way with antifreeze I would personally suggest that you drop ideas like that.

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    What is it with idiots on internet forums that suggest doing horrible things to cats, that just brings all shooters into disrespect?

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    I have removed some posts that were not in the best of taste, so no more please people.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    There is nothing stopping you legally shooting feral cats. Poisoning is just cruel.

    As your vet - they may have a cat trap you can borrow.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Cat's Protection might be more helpful.

    Registered Charity no: 203644
    All areas of Hull, Holderness and Hornsea covered.
    Hull and District Cats Protection rehome stray and abandoned cats, offer neutering advice and support and education in all areas of cat care.
    Lost & Found Register: To report a lost or found cat, call: 01482 375898
    Neutering Assistance: Tel: 01482 657650
    Adoption & General Enquiries - Tel: 01482 790284
    Web site:
    National CP Helpline: 03000 12 12 12


    Leeds, West Yorkshire.
    Supporting stray and feral cats at site by providing food and shelter, bringing into care feral kittens in need of socialising and rehoming and relocating adults wherever possible if they are at risk. Educating and encouraging neutering of domestic cats to prevent and reduce the problem of feral kittens being born in the first place by targeting the problem at source. The charity’s long term aim is to purchase land for a permanent refuge for feral cats.
    Volunteers Needed: Feral Cat Welfare would be glad to hear from anyone who can assist them with trapping feral cats, and fundraising.
    Cats Seeking Homes
    Please visit Feral Cat Welfare's Cat Chat Rehoming Page
    Cats Seeking Homes:Some of the cats seeking homes appear on their website, linked below.
    Postal Address
    : PO Box 293, LEEDS LS16 0ER.
    Tel: 07876 212 518
    Web site:

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    Don't poison them, catch them, fox traps work well, then take them to your local RSPCA or Blue Cross hospital and ask them to take them in. In most cases they will oblige. A small donation for the future well being of the cat usually helps. On one occasion the organisation were quite rude and refused to take the cats, sadly the cats then escaped from my boxes in their carpark.

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    your problem is proving they are feral!
    someone's moody moggy is anothers loved pet!

    in a rural environment its a lot easier
    Urban I would suggest the usual fox trap (we caught some on the farm) and contact the charities.
    You may find that transporting and releasing is just as illegal as it it with urban foxes

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