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Thread: easylet domestic flight / ammo

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    easylet domestic flight / ammo

    hi guys, have any of you flown easyjet whilst having ammo in your luggage, how was it stored and where, i spoke to treir customer serivices today and they didnt really shed any light on the correct way for transportation.

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    I've done it quite a bit. Like you I found it hard to get guidance and everyone I spoke to gave a different answer. However, the international standard seems to be "in a lockable metal box in the manufacturers packaging." So, I bought a cheap and pretty light metal cash box which locks. It is big enough for a box of ammo, my binos, knife and a few other wee bits. I then save up the empty packaging that 20 rounds of ammo comes in, pop my reloads into them and lock them in my little cash box and put them in my suitcase. The rifle travels in its own custom built flight case.

    Now, all these steps may not be necessary but they cover everything that everyone I asked told me and so I figure I'm in the clear no matter who I get on check in.

    Also - the Easyjet business model works on the basis that they will process you as quickly as possible and you will cause them the minimum of trouble or work. So, if you've met the basic requirements and have your paperwork then at check in they will give you the absolute minimum of problems or attention.
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    If you are throwing other bits in with the ammo, make sure the total weight is under 5kg

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    And bear in mind that the airports at each end have their own rules. You might be OK going one way with ammo in checked luggage but not coming back.

    Not UK internal but flying into Denmark is OK to have bolt in same case as rifle but not flying out. A bt of an issue if you only have hand luggage

    France doesn't like the bolt in luggage but OK in rifle case. If you transit through France an your inbound flight inssts on bolt seperated from rifle then your onward flight will not have your rfle on it as CDG want both in the same case....


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    Caorach has it right. Put your ammo and rifle bolt in a little cash box. Seems to be acceptable with everyone.

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