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Thread: Bertram from Germany

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    Bertram from Germany

    Hello from the continent,

    I'm a 42 year old stalkerwho grew up (shootingwise, naturally) in the alpine foothills with plenty of opportunity to stalk for roe deer. I started the business quite aearly, since my parents had me out in the woods to look for bucks since the age of 9, but my first buck I shot with 18. Meanwhile (for about 10 years now) and by a very lucky coincidence I have the opportunity to stalk for roe deer on a wonderful estate in the Cotswolds and I must say: with all the regulations and laws in my native Germany - stalking in England is much more fun.

    Hope to find interesting people in here of whom to learn and wiht whom to share my experiences.

    All the best and - as we Germans say - Waidmanns Heil!


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    Hello Bertram and welcome to the site.
    It sounds as if you will be teaching us a thing or two with all your experience.

    Good Luck


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    Hello Bertram and welcome to the site.
    It sounds as if you will be teaching us a thing or two with all your experience.

    Good Luck


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    "Waidmanns Dank" and welcome to the site!

    I get to Germany occasionally for work (Munchen next week) but have yet to hunt there, although I have a number of good friends who have done so.

    Looking forward to reading your experiences of hunting in the two countries. I've heard there are more customs and rituals associated with hunting in Germany, which would be interesting to hear about.

    All the best


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    @ Steve: Well, first if all you English stalkers taught me more than about a thing or twowhen it comes to silent stalking and - most of all - shooting discipline. On the estate I have the enourmous privilege to stalk opver I instilled the idea to do a proper doe cull. We do this for now 7 years in a driven doe and kid shoot. In those years we have lost (i.e. shot at, hit and not found) only two beasts, and we average on below 2% wrong beasts shot. I do not know of any shoot on the continent, be it Germany, Austria, France or Spain getting even close to these numbers. My hat off to english stalkers.

    Where I can, however, give an advice or two is where it comes to judge the age of a roe in the field and where it comes to the calling of roe in the rut. I am more than willing to share my experiences.


    The rituals are in the very core not so different: English (I am tallking of English, because I never stalked in Scotland, Ireland or Wales) stalkers show the quarry the same amount of respect as german stalkers do. It might be, that we Germans do this a bit more visibly. I am not talking of the horn sounding umpapah, but of small gestures like giving the culled beast the last bite, be it of fir, beach, oak, pine, alder or yew, of taking a small twig of this last bite, dived into the blood of the shot wound onto the left side of my hat as a memento mori. But in nuce it all stays the same: a living animal turns into food as soon as I set my sights on it. In this and in the animal's own rights it deserves to be treated with the utmost diligence and respect.

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    welcome Bertram
    nice to see a fellow photographer with some nice pics already showing
    hope to see more of your exploits but carefull teaching us about your secrets
    you can pm them me instead

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    Welcome Bertram.
    A few good tips already, good man.


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    Haha, that's what I call trying to get an unfair advantage!
    But: no matter what so called secrets I'd divulge, they'd be of no use if they would not be vindicated on your own stalking grounds. EG: a buck looking 5ish at your place and a buck looking 5ish on a plafe 5 miles away might be two completely different things. A special phaentoype of buck on your estate might culminate his antler development at 3, another at 5 years. That's the fascination of it. You can download it here:
    Download estimation.pdf

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