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Thread: 30 second stalk

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    30 second stalk

    Had a very strange stalk tonight. New bit of ground that I've got and first time out with the rifle after going out with the binos last week to get the lie of the land. Anyway, parked the Landy, walked 50 yards along a thicket, quietly and glassing the field on my right and looking for tracks. Got to the end of the thicket, looked left, spotted a Roe doe at 75 yards, smiled to myself and then noticed a buck lay down on the tractor path not 50 yards away, looking right at me. Backed up, unfolded the sticks and mounted the rifle, placed the sticks and took an instantly fatal neck shot. Didn't even have time for the pulse to start racing!!!!!

    I don't think I'll ever beat that time elapsed again!!

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    Nice one gaza, that's the way to get em lol, had a mate out couple of months back, had a buck walked out under the high seat walking away from us it stopped and looked up at us and was at that second just about to run and my pal neck shot him at 8 yds boy did he have a shake on after that .rgds remmy.

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