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Thread: used redding die sets, what are they worth???

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    used redding die sets, what are they worth???

    hi folks,

    hopefully someone can give me a heads up on this.

    i've got stacks of reloading stuff that i'm planning on selling but i have no idea what it's worth so am looking for a ball park figure if anyone can help?

    redding competition die sets (neck sizer, body die & seater) in 22-250, 6.5-284, 7mm wsm and 270wsm. i don't even know what they cost new and can't seem to find anywhere on line that has uk prices?

    redding carbide bushings for competition and stype dies.

    and a set of 270wsm and 25-06 ordinary redding dies.

    any help with used or new prices would be great.



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    They are 222 from midway so I reckon about 160 if in good condition.
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