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Thread: 17 Hornet Tour - 6th Oct Calton Moor Range

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    17 Hornet Tour - 6th Oct Calton Moor Range

    Just wondering if anyone else was due to attend the 17 Hornet open day at Calton Moor Range on Saturday?

    Hoping to be there mid afternoon if anyone else is going?

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    I would certainly try and get there earlier than mid afternoon. There are loads of shooting opportunities and not enough time in the day .....

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    I'm already due to be shooting in the morning anyway!!

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    I'll pop up. If only to give Dweeb some abuse
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Alas I will be Grafham for the AMFFC final league match (we should win the league) - I was talking to Mike about this last weekend - should be an interesting day.
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    Working, catch up soon oly.

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    Hoping to be there mid to late morning , should be good!

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    visting family in manchester so going to be on the door step at 9am to have a gander and meet mike in person

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    should be a great day was talking to mike last night expecting big crowds, shame i have to work running two contracts while my brother is off ill.

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    Just got back from Carlton moor range/17 hornet day 10 out of 10 for Mike and the range,not over impressed with savage but that's probably a personal thing,17 hornet accurate but not for me thanks although if given one free gratis could put it to good use,may have been better if they produced a "k-hornet"only my thoughts mind.......
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