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    well another week end in scotland i never had nothing first rule make sure nothing is in front of the barrel deer looking round to see what the noise was second rule reload straight away just goes to show ,it was an easy shot and i screwed up but next time
    anyway mark had a nice buck dai lost count of how many roe and reds he bumped and we all seen deer every corner of the place just no shots presented it self but thats the way it goes still had a good weekend total deer seen 15 + not counting the one's we bumped
    so any deer in stilag hell no

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    Don,t know what your'e on about.

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    Slowdown lads and they will be in the freezer. You only need to see one and shoot one for a good weekend. Many a great weekend spent in tinny

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schiehallion View Post
    Don,t know what your'e on about.
    sorry ? what i'm saying is some people have said there are no deer in stilag ?? basicly i was taling the piss there are more than enough if you know were to look
    and always enjoy it up there just going for the reds in a week or so

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