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Thread: BDS Level 2 Assessments Dalmacallam SW Scotland.

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    BDS Level 2 Assessments Dalmacallam SW Scotland.

    Any members of the SD Forum contemplating taking their level 2 assessments with the BDS at Dalmacallam near Dumfries may be interested in this post.

    The opportunity for level 2 assessments and training with the BDS no longer exists as they have declined to renew the lease. Pity they haven't told their members.

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    Do you have any inclination as to whether it was the BDS who decided against renewal or was it the landowner who declined a further period of tenancy?

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    to be honest i would recomend everyone avoid doing there dmq level 2 with them full stop !! after the hastle i had .
    but what your saying does not surprise me in the slightest !

    regds lee

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    The FC offered to renew the lease for a further twelve months and BDS declined to renew. I understand that questions will be raised on the 16th at the AGM under A.O.B. However, I wouldn't hold your breath.

    The BDS Training Dept are in the process of refunding outstanding monies.

    To the best of my knowledge BDS have nothing to offer their members with regard to training or assessment for Level 2 which is unfortunate.

    I have a great deal of empathy with your post.


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    BDS the old boys club,joined it a few years ago to try and get into stalking i got four little mags went to an AGM in Perth bunch of ex forces generals who had no time for the few working class people that were there.

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    Looking to take my level 2 shortly as i personally want to enhance my knowledge and recieve further training but also i absolutely have no choice as the Dorset Police will not give me an open ticket and the freedom to stalk with permission without it.
    I currently have to name people and get them added to my ticket to enable me to stalk with them using my own rifle.

    From the comments above would members say id be better off taking the level 2 through BASC?


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    BDS didn't meet the cull figures on Dalmacallan, and as with all FC leases it is run in conjunction with FC rangers.
    When they realised this they threw all the toys out the pram..


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    So reading between the lines Griff are you saying that BDS refused to take up the lease again because the FC had been going in and taking deer off the ground?

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    That's a good question.

    If so, how soon into the yearly lease did the FC decide to that the cull figures were not being met.

    Do you know any more Griff?

    Rgds Ian

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