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Thread: G'day!

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    Smile G'day!

    Hello all,

    Am allowed to use the traditional Aussie greeting, haled from there 17 years ago and have yet to find the way back. Experienced dog handler and trainer, have a forces background and am a newby to deer stalking, having spent most of the past decade on wildfowl. Live in the Outer Hebrides with a multitude of animals. I was directed to this site as a friend said they had seen a couple of members with trained or part trained ESS's for sale and a hound or two. Having trained the (then) only working Bloodhound in NZ - she was a cadaver dog, I thought I would come and take a look and say hello. I am actively seeking a part trained springer, dog or bitch for the coming season, due to the death of my own boy just last weekend. His loss was unexpected and therefore am not looking to spend multiple thousands on a fully trained and going dog, just something that is part of the way there that I can bring on myself and use in the field this season. Am interested in stalking, and would quite like to learn more, so shall stay around and ''lurk'', learn and ask a question or two where needed. Anyone who might have a springer that they are looking to sell give me a shout!



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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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