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Thread: Whose the Stalker?

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    Whose the Stalker?

    I was out this morning at the crack trying for a shot - the rut is going full swing and the full bass choir is going in the hills and glens all around, anyway I stalk hard, seeing nothing. Lovely morn to be out though.

    Mrs H meanwhile heads out with dogs for a quick round of the woods, young dog disappears into a patch of bracken and flushes a young roe that runs straight to Mrs H, who gives it a hug; expertly lassoos the young dog and all head their separate way as friends!

    I returned for breakfast emptyhanded.

    Years of experience several Łk's worth of kit endless hours gaining knowledge and skills........

    You can imagine the grief I am getting!

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    Made me chuckle anyway !

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    I get the same fishing put in the hours

    the mrs comes out once in a blue moon.

    she catches every time.
    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.

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    Have had the same playing darts too!

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    Never ever ever take your wife salmon fishing.

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    I often count myself in the " All the gear...No idea'" category

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