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Thread: PAO riflescope - any experience?

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    PAO riflescope - any experience?

    Morning all,
    I'm looking for a cheap short range scope (down to 10m) to use instead of my Zeiss Duralyt when I'm target shooting with my .22LR.
    PAO do a reasonably priced scope which in some reviews beat Hawke, MTC, NikkoStirling et al. Has anyone had any experience of these scopes?

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    I've had a lot of people complain about the MTC scopes being eye position sensitive. Nikko's are alright but not great. No experience with PAO's...

    The best scope I've used on my .22 is my hawke panorama EV 3-9x40 - very fine 1/2 mil-dot crosshair so perfect for target stuff

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    A mate at work bought a PAO to go on his new HW90.

    I had a gander and was very unimpressed - I reckon a bog roll inner with clingfilm either end would have been better.

    Buy a Hawke or a Nikko-Sterling - although I have 2 MTC's on 2 of my air rifles and I reckon they're pretty good; not had any issues with eye relief.
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    hi chap i use a hawke 3x9x50 night eye on my 17hmr it has mil dots which i found very usefull on my 22 lr when i had it its illuminated reticle and about 100 quid hope this helps

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    Interesting, thank you all. Merlin - thanks particualrly as your experience has been negative.
    Sounds like the Hawke is a good contender.

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