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    Question Eight Power Woodland King


    I realise the following will always have an element of subjectivity about it but I’m genuinely interested to establish which of the following manufacturers make the finest 8X56/50 power binocular in terms of image quality and light gathering:


    And I don’t mean based on specification and glossy brochure assertions but rather from anyone who’s had the opportunity to directly compare them at dawn/dusk.

    Clearly I’m aware the chances of anyone having had this opportunity is remote but if the manufactueres in question are brave enough I’m sure there must be someone on this site happy to undertake such a review!



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    Is the order i would put them in and i have used all the Above many times.Unlike john Robbo i am not paid to like one kind

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    Which Leica model please?

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    Their may be many opinions, but the only one that is important is yours.
    Everybody's eyes are different, and we all want different things, or rather we all see things differently.


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