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Thread: hyme 243

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    hyme 243

    can any one tell me the best place to sell my lefthanded hyme rifle which is fitted with a new 8*56 swaroski scope

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    On this forum is a good place to start!
    Some photographs and the asking price would be even better!

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    Spell it right though !

    It's Heym -

    Is it a SR20 or 21?

    Mention the type of stock too i.e Continental or standard - Mines got a Krupp ''Special' barrel, some had h'penny hex barrels (rare) unbelievably accurate!



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    Don't the powers to be require 30 posts before allowing any for sale items.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    Quote Originally Posted by patjack View Post
    Don't the powers to be require 30 posts before allowing any for sale items.PJ.
    Spoilsport ! In this case it might have done somebody a big favour just to forget it in this instance

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    Why on earth would you want to sell a Heym - not a lot out there that comes close. If you want something bigger, just have it rebarreled, but 243 is pretty good for everything in uk provided you use a good bullet. And if in doubt just get a bit closer.

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    Ditch the scope and wait till I'm ready to buy a new toy. .
    Aw dammit no free slots on my license. I even have a LH semi shottie. That is so weird cos the carts shoot off to the left and I never see them.
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    ya you are right but i geuss you knew what make the rifle was i must start to wear my glasses whilst using a key board .thank you for spotting my mistake tommo

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