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Thread: Hi to all.

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    Hi to all.

    Hallo everyone.

    I am new to this forum,i am originally from south africa but moved to the uk nearly 7 years ago.

    I do most of my little stalking i have around aberdeen with a .243 for the lasr 3 years,i do have my DSC 1 and will be doing my level 2 this year.

    I am looking forward to learn from you all.


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    Hello Frans,

    and welcome to the site.


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    Welcome to the site

    Did you do much hunting in Africa or start here?


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    Hi Daemon.

    Yeah i did alot of hunting is south africa before i went to the uk,we practicaly grow up with a rifle out there.

    UK hunting is much different from game though and still have alot to learn from UK deer.

    Cheers frans.

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