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Thread: 14yr old Firearm holder questions

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    14yr old Firearm holder questions

    In the situation where a 14yr old is applying for both Shotgun and Firearm certificate does it present a problem if neither parent holds any type of certificate?

    If the said 14yr old is going to be a 'named' person to use a firearm on someone elses certificate, how is this applied for on the forms?

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    Having viewed your profile I can safely assume that you are fully conversant with the limitations placed upon young persons regarding the acquisiton, possession and use of both firearms and shotguns.

    It follows that the short answer to the first part of your question regarding 'presenting a problem', then the answer is no.

    Regarding the application, I would suggest that you make it in the normal way and simply specify the calibre and type of firearm requested.

    Similar situations that I have experienced are assisted by a letter explaining the specifics and identifying whom will be the mentor. This is often where a grandparent or uncle/friend is the shooter but neither parents are interested in shooting.

    One of the young person's parents (or guardian) would be required to countersign the application forms and be present at the feo interview. It would be helpful if the 'mentor', could be on hand when the feo visits too.

    If you have any specifics or details that are not suitable for open forum, then you are welcome to pm me and I will do my best to assist.
    Best wishes.

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    Thanks Norm. Yes I am up to speed with most of the legislation but the proccess of application raises a few questions. You may well recieve a PM in the near future!

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    I held both from 14.
    the only difference is the firearms listed on my certificate were held and owned by someone else.
    The FEO will interview that person as well usually. In the normal course of events the owner of the firearms will also be a referee so as part of the reference they would state their intention to "share" the use of said firearm

    It is of no relevance as to the relationship between 14yr old and firearm owner as it will be expected that said 14yr old will be in the presence of the owner when using said firearms.

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    Might depend a bit on the force as well. Noone in my family shoots and I applied for my first SGC with Essex at the age of 16... they basically delayed issuing it until I was 17 as I could not buy guns on my own. Im sure if I had pushed really hard and had an agreed mentor rather than casual clay shooting use they might have been more forthcoming.

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