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Thread: hornaday load data

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    hornaday load data

    hi guys im looking for any loading data for hornaday 100gr interlock code no 2450 using a ( 4350 powder) in my 243 i cant find any online and im just to tight to buy a manual just to try out a few rounds any info would be helpfull.

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    Look on hornaday website

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    I can't find the reloading data on the Hornady website, don't know if it's the site or me, but have a look at this I know that interlocks aren't specifically mentioned but other 100grn bullets are.
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    According to my book, most accurate load using 4350 powder,
    41.5 g 3060 fps.
    39.5 2985 fps.
    37.5 2909 fps.
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    I have used 43 grains of H4350 for years for 100 grain 243 loads, including Hornady. I got it from the H4350 container it was one of the suggested loads printed on the label, it has proved extremely accurate. Usual warning applies it may not be suitable in your rifles so work up to it.

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    Taken from hornady 7th ed. page 240

    2450 sp B.C:0.381 C.O.L: 2.630" H4350 powder 37.4 gr 2700 fps; 39.1 gr 2800 fps; IN RED 2900fps 40.8 gr

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    There is a really good reason for using powder manufacturer's data instead of bullet maker's data: They make the powder and it's their business to know how it will perform. Generally, it doesn't' matter a bit what make of 100 grain bullet you are using, just that it is a 100 grain bullet. Try Hodgdon's web site. IMR 4350 falls into line with JAYB's post. Better yet, get the new Lee Manual (No 2, Revised 2011) and data from most all powder makers will be in there along with gobs of charts and calculations that most people never take the time to learn to use. (much to their detriment) ~Muir

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