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Thread: traveling with ammunition

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    traveling with ammunition

    I am going to hunt in south africa at the end of the month,it will be my 1st time traveling with my rifles and ammunition.

    Now i have heard that some people put the bolt seperate from the rifles but where would i keep all the ammunition,would that go in with my luggage?


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    Bolt should be removed from the rifle but can be kept in the rifle case. Best to wrap the bolt on a cloth or similar. Ammo goes in your suitcase. Airlines specify no more than 5kgs and should be in original packaging.
    My own experince is that often the ground cew don't know the rules so there can be confusion. What I now do is print the guidance from the airline website and show it to them..saves any arguments....
    Don't know who you are travelling with but here is the relevant bit if you are going British on the shooting icon.....Hope this helps and have a good time and post some pics whem you get back.

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    Thanx for the info Gurube62.

    I am flying with KLM and all my ammunition is home loads,will the airline accept that?

    I will post some pics when i come back.


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    Thanx for the info Gurube62.

    I am flying with KLM and all my ammunition is home loads,will the airline accept that?

    I will post some pics when i come back.


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    I think as long as they in some sort of secure & sealed container you should be OK but it pays to check with the airline...Look forward to seeing the pics.

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    I put mine in a metal petty cash box and stick that in my suitcase. No one checks me at Manchester, they just tagg the suitcase with a bright purple FIREARMS tag (as with guncase). Expect to see your suitably tagged suitcase on the luggage carousel at Joburg!


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    Thank you for all the info Stan and Gurube63,i hope that things will go well.


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    Hi Frans

    This from KLM.

    Firearms and ammunition for shooting and hunting sports

    The transportation of ammunition and firearms in hand baggage is strictly prohibited. These items may, however, be transported as checked baggage, for sporting and hunting purposes only, subject to the following conditions:

    • Charges:

    Regulations for baggage according to the weight concept:
    The standard excess baggage rates shall apply if your baggage exceeds the maximum free baggage allowance.

    Regulations for baggage according to the piece concept:
    Each firearm is regarded as one piece of baggage. If your baggage exceeds the maximum free baggage allowance, the standard excess baggage rates shall apply.

    • Permits and licenses:
    Passengers must carry the following documents with them:
    • The license for the firearms concerned
    • Import and export permits for the countries concerned
    • In the case of travel to, from or via the Netherlands, a permit from the Dutch Customs.

    • Preparing firearms and ammunition for travel:
    Contact your travel agent or airline reservations office to make an advance reservation for travelling with firearms or ammunition. Firearms must be unloaded and packed securely inside a suitcase, or in a separate case. Cartridges must be securely boxed and preferably packed inside a suitcase. Sporting and hunting rifles must also be transported separately from their ammunition. Ammunition must be for sporting purposes only and the weight of the ammunition must not exceed 5 kg (11 lbs) per passenger. It is not permitted to share the weight allowance between passengers.

    • Restrictions
    If you are intending to travel with firearms and ammunition, please note the following restrictions:
    • Firearms and ammunition cannot be accepted on board Fokker 50 or smaller aircraft
    • Baggage containing ammunition must not bear labels stating the word ‘explosives’
    • Ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles is not permitted
    • At check-in, you must declare that your firearm is unloaded and that the ammunition is packed separately

    Hope you have a great trip.


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    Hi Chris.

    Thank you for all that info,I already have my permit for traveling through ansterdam and also the permit for south africa,my only concern was my ammunition but all that info explain everything.


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    Re KLM - be very careful.

    The permit from Dutch customs (you can get from your travel agent) needs to be filled in in advance and sent off to them (email or fax) for stamping and authorization. You then need to get this sent back to you and keep it with you to show when you boarding on return - or they won't let you on. Nobody tells you this. I was caught out when returning from Vienna with a rifle from a chamois hunt. They basically treat it as if you are importing the weapon to Holland which is rediculous - but its what they do. I got round this by filling in another form in Vienna but it was all a bit nail biting .

    I've always transported the bolt and ammunition together in my suitcase in a cash box - I think its what everyone does?

    I don't think you need to worry on the weight front - nobody ever seems to weigh a rifle case. Anyway travelling in Africa you could get away with just three sets of clothes - you dhobi will be done daily

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