This would suit the novice or those considering DSC1 or those who have passed and feel they lack the practical experience as well as those registerd for DSC2 or who are considering doing so.

I have today been asked to cull a deer from the park and am taking the opportunity to offer a larder prep morning.

I will demostrate the gralloch and the carcass preparation and explain what we are looking for to cover every aspect necessary during the process.

This is a good opportunity for those who live in the north East or West who feel they would benefit from the practical mornings demonstration by an approved trainer and assessor.

It is also the chance to get stuck in on a real carcass for those not sure of what is expected.

For anyone who feels they are up to the DSC2 standard who would like to carry out the gralloch and prep this can also be included as an AW for your portfolio elements 2 & 3.

Cost is 45.00 and we start tomorrow October 7th at 9.00 here at Greenlee.

Sorry about the late notice but I have just been asked today to cull the animal

Pm me or call Jon on 07 889 843 522.