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Thread: Kahles scope

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    Kahles scope

    I have a kahles 4.5-18x50 TT scope for sale!
    It has been solely used for lamping and the glass is superb! On the same level as swarovski in my opinion!
    it has parallax adjustment, 30mm tube and target turrets under cover caps.
    Scope is in a1 condition and has a very light ring mark but hardly noticeable.



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    any chance off some photos,and what reticle is .
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    For some reason I cantget photobucket to work.
    Send me youre email address and I will send you some.
    The ret is mil 1


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    I would agree that the quality of Kahles and Swarovski are the same. I have both in illuminated reticles. I believe that Swarovski has recently taken over Kahles.

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    Stunning scope.

    a chap i know has on on a 6mm br, the glass is top class.

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    Hi Garry
    just wondered if this is still available if so any chance of some pics and an idea of age. Plus does anyone know what the warranty would be secondhand?
    cheers Tim.

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    Weekend bump

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