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Thread: Neck shots?

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    Neck shots?

    What are everyone's thoughts in neck shots?...

    I've a small local shoot where I'm taking deer from a high seat at 30-100 yards. I can easily hit a 2" disc at these ranges 100% of the time on the range, but experience has taught me that in the field sh*t happens!

    I am thinking about neck shots as I'm selling the meat on and want to get the most I can. I'd be really interested to hear everyone's experiences as I've never gone for anything but a H&L shot (which has worked very well for me)?

    To be honest all the very experienced guys I know say H&L every time for wild deer, but seen a few people on SD talking about neck or head shots (I keep a lot of my heads so neck is all I'd consider).

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    I dont sell any meat to dealers but I understood they dont like neck shots,only H&L or Head....when you think about it there is more meat affected on a neck shot......

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    Don't worry about the meat loss to dealers as they will always find a way to reduce your money! Head or neck shots are fine just shoot within your own capability!

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    Nothing wrong with neck shots, but as you say **** happens. My wssm would clover leaf at a 100 yds yet 2 weeks ago I had a clean miss at 80yds. Ive never wounded a beast head or neck shooting but have heart and lung..


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    The dealer our FC Ground uses pay the same regardless of shot placement, I think it's wrong of them to offer more for a neck/head shot carcass. Look at the mark up they make anyway.

    Majority pay 1 per lb

    Try to buy back at that price No danger. 7 per lb for haunch, 1.20 for a burger which is probably 70% venison.....I understand that like everything it's a business but I can ge a carcass butchered professionally by that dealer for a tenner. I'll let you do the maths.

    I have neck shot a few, but everything had to be right, as right as it could be anyway. I have also neck shot a Red Hind that dropped then ran off before I could get another shot into her, never found her........

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    Personaly for me I wouldnt take any neck shots any further than 50 yards,I suppose more experienced stalkers would beg to differ.
    Atb John.

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    neck, head or heart? it's all good if you can put the bullet in the right place.

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    You get no more for neck shot animals, only less if haunch or loin damaged ,Martin how is there more meat loss if you neck shoot ? The shot is up to you, at very close range I head shoot as I don,t bother with trophys.

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    neck or head shooting is wrong for reasons of meat damage. You should not feel obligated to shoot in that manner because a game dealer demands it.

    However, as someone who does shoot most of their deer in that manner there are one or two reasons for it. primarily to prevent a shot beast running off into thick cover making finding and extraction difficult or almost impossible.

    I have had guests out over the last couple of days. Both shot Sika stags in the lungs. The first ran 100m straight at us, turned, jumped a fence and stone dyke in one leap clearing about 15' in one go, then ran a further 30m or so into the wood. The other basically did similar. The woods were not that thick at this place but without the dog and in failing light it becomes a tricky operation. both would have dropped on the spot shot in the neck/head.

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    Never liked head shots but a neck shot in my book is ok all day long

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