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Thread: Mixed bag today

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    Mixed bag today

    87 partridge,9 pheasants( old birds only)12 woodpigeon,1 magpie,2 crows,1 jackdaw,1 hare and 1 trout!( it wasn"t shot)that"s a first for the game book.
    Atb John.

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    We have had a mole on a shoot day, but a trout beats it all.

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    You got to laugh at the unexpected, a TROUT!!! on a shoot day.


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    Come on John,you have to explain that one....someone doing a bit of guddling

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    Well Tony mate,One of the guns went to pick a runner with his spaniel which had dropped on the edge of the reservoir,He noticed a orange bubble float moving along the bankside, He reached in grabed the float and pulled in a 3 pounder rainbow....Cracking day was had,weather was spot on also.
    Atb John

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