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    victory HT

    I am looking for a scope to cover fox and deer, I am still looking for a rifle but think that I have decided on the scope. I was thinking of getting the 3x12x56 victory HT. I was also thinking of getting the ASV+ as I need as much help as possible as I have no hunting experience in rifle shooting and I'm not sure about hold over. Has anyone experience of these scopes and is the ASV+ worth it, or are there better scopes with ballistic turrets for the money.


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    Not got any experience with the said scope but write up on it is very good so you probably won't go far wrong, I'm part of the point and shoot brigade S&B 8x56, although I do have a IOR Tactical on my other rifle great scope but if I'm honest I only really use the scope to its full potential during target/zeroing other than that I have it set so pretty much out to 250 yds aim bang on.


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    Do you know if ASV+ is for elevation only, does that mean you you have to use hodlover for windage?

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    Asv is zeroed at 100m's then any know distance out to 600m's may be dialed in with the correct calibrated turret fitted.
    Windage is still a major factor.
    I have used the turrets to make kills on foxes beyond 500m.
    But marksmanship and the correct tackle must still be bolted underneath the scope.
    I suggest if you are new to shooting keep your shots under 120ms anyway and learn some field craft first.
    Stalking is an art. Killing troublesome foxes is a living.

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