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    5etta Gloves

    Does anyone on here have any experience of the above gloves? A local shop has almost the full range in and I quite like the look of the 1164's. I've had a good search online but can't find too much on them. Are they any good or is there anything better out there?

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    Purchased a pair of these to replace my ailing sealskinz hunters and so far I'm very impressed! Don't be put off with the "Autumn" weight in the description because these seem very warm, far warmer than the sealskinz. Guess they are talking about the swedish Autumn!
    Also a very good fit and no velcro. Got mine through uttings.

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    Very warm, waterproof and all round good gloves, but don't expect to be dexterous with them on. don't know what range I have but I would get another pair when required.


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