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Thread: Stocks for Sako85's

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    Stocks for Sako85's

    Does anybody know if Mcmillan or Robertson are planning on makeing an aftermarket stock for the Sako85? I'm missing the keel of a palm swell on the 85's stock


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    I just recieved my McMillan for my 85 short mag

    However this was a ball ache and I was helped tremendously by a guy in the states.

    He had to send an 85 barrelled action to McMillan (SM version in my case) and they used that as a guide to produce the stock. He offered to do this to help me out but they had the action for 6 months so it was as I say a very kind offer.

    They were talking about getting tooled up for producing an off the peg version.

    Best thing to do would be to ring them direct and ask the question.

    If you find they don't and you want help with going along the same lines I did to get one, let me know.

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    Know what you mean thats why I went for the older 75 with palm swell and monte carlo stock - much better than the 85 - if it aint bust why fix it?.
    Hope you get sorted out. Cheers

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    I really dont know what Sako were thinking of with the stocks on the 85's.

    Even MacMilllian describe the 75 stock as one on the finest hunt rifle stock made.

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    Thanks guy's I'll give them a call monday and let you know what Mcmillan say.

    W160EN I know what you mean in some respects I wished I'd bought the 75 now I'm having real probelms getting on with the stock. It puzzles me as to why Sako had to change something which was alrealy a really good stock design.

    Do you know if the sako75 stock can be modified to fit the 85?


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    In no way can the 75 stock be modified to fit the 85. The bottom of the action has a recessed lug and in fact the action design is different in several ways.

    The stock I ordered from McMillan is the 75 stock (inletted to take the 85 action) and I also managed to get the max LOP which for me is a bonus.

    I agree with the comments above too. I have two 75's and one 85. I like both designs equally. The 85 is a better design for the intended use of the rifle for me but both have all metal parts etc etc so there is no difference in quality just different designs.

    However the one thing I have an issue with as mentioned by all is the stock. I actually liked it at first but then when I compared it to the stock on my 75's (when handling the rifles side by side) I went off it. The laminate is the best option in the 85 I would say if you don't want walnut but that still doesn't ofcourse improve the design and handling.

    If McMillan don't do it as standard and you want one, let me know as I might be able to sort it for you.



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    Just one last thing. When you do contact McMillan it might be worth stressing that you are in the UK. When I contacted them initially, the woman I spoke to over the phone took my order and everything seemed fine. So I was thinking all was good and then about 6 weeks later I got an email saying that because they needed the rifle to produce the stock and that there was no way I could get it to them because I was in the UK they had to cancel the order. Being the determined type I then went via an alternative route in the end. The stock when finally ordered did take 8 months to arrive.

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    Well boy's........

    I've just asked a gunsmith friend of mine to fit an original sako 75 stock to my 85.

    He said he needs to manufacture an L shaped bracket/ recoil lug and take a bit of the front of the stocks inletting to fit the bracket in as well as take a bit off the side of the stock just to make the 85 action fit snuggly into the stock, should have my rifle back with me in a weeks time. He doesn't seam to think it's to much of a job just some file work..

    He's going to also piller bed the action into the stock so can't wait to see how it turns out.

    If it doesn't work out then oh well back to plan B.

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    Thanks for posting the update.

    Very interesting and good luck with it.

    Will also be interested to hear how you get on with the end result.

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    Having just fitted and pillar bedded a 85 into a 75 stock, its not a 5 min job but do-able. Simple answer to the problem is buy a 75 instead of the 85 which seems to have been designed by accountants i.e cheap build with a lot of cast/stamped parts. The recoil lug has changed from a chunky plate clamped to the action to a tiny oval lug that locates in an alloy plate. My solution to this was to set a tophat shaped pillar into the stock and machine the recess for the lug in situ. Sako didnt even made the screw holes in the action the same pitch as the 75 - very close but not the same. They also made the stocks depth different so you have to adjust how deep the action sits into the stock or the mag does not end up flush.

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