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Thread: Lyme Disease

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    Lyme Disease

    Although I have no recollection of being bitten by a tick I believe I am suffering from Lyme disease with classic (though small & pale) "bulls eye" marks on legs, torso and arms plus joint ache, raging dandruff (which I never normally suffer from at all) accompanied by a general flu like lethargy.

    It took 3 visits and 6 weeks to persuade my Doctor that Lyme disease could be the problem after which he reluctantly prescribed 200mg Doxycyline for 14 days which I have just completed but, although there have been definite improvements, some symptoms continue.

    Yesterday (6th October) I received the results of blood tests from the specialist laboratory in Southampton which showed "positive" at the top but negative to various antibodies - so I need to sort this out in the week ahead.

    My reason for posting here is that after considerable interweb trawling I found excellent advice here at the UK Lyme Disease Org (who recommend 400mg Doxycycline for up to 28 days) that I thought might be of interest to others -

    and here at the Eurolyme forum (which is a Yahoo Group that requires you to join for info)

    I feel like ****e & I'm fed up!


    There is a petition here <> to make Governments and healthcare officials more aware of Lyme disease which, I believe, should be signed (although skip the "donations" page which goes to iPetitions, not the Lyme Disease people).
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    Your doctor wants a good talking too. I came back drone Africa and a tick fell off me in the shower at home been with me for two days or more. That was a Wednesday Friday I was I'll. Saturday very ill. I looked it up much like you on the Internet found out all the info.
    Monday doctors no messing.
    I told them where I had been, tick, symptoms ect. She first wanted me to have a blood test first but I refused. Made a big fuss, but my temperature was sky high and sweat was pouring out of me and I was wrapped up as if it was winter it June.
    After persisting she let me have the drugs.
    The is a. Desease not to be messed with.
    Hope you feel better soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buckbones View Post
    ...The is a. Disease not to be messed with. ..
    Andrew. Spot on. I've twice had prompt treatment from my local GP with no fuss. It helped that the second time the tick was sitting there with a bulls eye ring round it. If you suspect Lyme disease, don't leave the surgery without a prescription. Regards JCS

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    Bb did you have lymes or tick fever

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    I had what turned out to be Lymes Disease earlier this year.
    I felt 'very out of sorts' for about three weeks then my wife decided to call the Dr, I had a visit within half an hour.
    After a visual check of me she suspected Lymes disease and gave me a massive shot of something followed by 21 days of 400mg Doxycycline tablets.
    The first blood test was negative then the second showed 'Trace' so I was given another 14 days worth of the tablets, the subsequent two blood tests showed negative so I was lucky.
    My joints felt as if I had grinding paste in them and I had no go in me at all, my hearing and vision was also affected.
    I was pretty bad for the best part of four months and am still not exactly back up to strength.
    I knew that I had been bitten by a larger than normal tick but it was at the back of my upper arm so was not aware of the red 'bullseye' patch that developed which was what the Dr found.
    Incidentally the Dr that called was not my usual Dr either so I was lucky in that respect also, she certainly knew what she was looking for based on what my wife had told her and came prepared.

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    I went to the doctor six months after being bitten, I had no symptoms but wondered why there was still marks there. He didn't think there was anything wrong but gave me the antibiotics 'just in case'

    must have a good doctor.

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    Eyefor here is my article on Lyme/Borreliosis. This will be of value to you when you return to your GP.
    Lyme/Borreliosis Disease in Humans

    Buckbones you have given the classical description of African Tick Bite fever. Caused by Rickettsia sp. Responds well to antibiotics

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    I was talking to Pauline from Tick Talk in Ireland who told me they advise people to get blood
    tested in Germany instead of the UK. Germany would have the most advanced testing methods.
    If you contact ticktalk I am sure they would point in the right direction.

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