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Thread: 2 bucks in the rain

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    2 bucks in the rain

    Arriving in the seat at 6 30 the rain was filtering its way through the trees . I sat questioning my sanity for the next hour and a half until i heard a 'snap' from behind me . Looking to my left I could see a small posse of bucks making their way across the stream. I counted 2 together and a further 2 not far behind. I raised the rifle only to realise the bikini covers were still on !! I removed them as the first 2 bucks had made there way at an angle now to come into the opening before me. A quick "oi" stopped them . The 270 barked and they scarpered. I heard the tell tale crashing sound of the shot buck hitting the trees confirm his demise as I now glimpsed the next 2 bucks standing before me watching there fallen friend. I aimed the crosshairs onto the next bucks neck. His head started to bob up and down so a quick shift of aim the 270 barked again and a second buck was off into the morning rain for his last 30 yard dash. After 5 minutes I unloaded and descended found the bucks and dragged them down off the bank and bled them out. I then got back in the seat to catch my breathe. Another 5 minutes or so had passed when I saw a Roe doe and her twins meander along the ride. She got to within 20 yards of the bucks before she realised all was not as it should be . I was then treated to a 10 minute special moment as she left the fawns at the bottom of the seat and circled downwind of the grassed bucks all the time licking her nose and flicking her ears forward. Eventually she retreated into the wet bracken her fawns off after her and I could begin the gralloch. Went into the gamedealer 118 and 95 lbs

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    spot on, good job

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    Well done too fine animals.



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    Nice work Steve, glad you've found a few.

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    Well done steve, dont shoot them all before i get back.
    cheers Geoff

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    Wow that's 2 great looking bucks great shooting.

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    very nice, and nicley rewarded for a damp morning

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    Very nice animals

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