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    roe kids

    Just had a call from a mate out for a buck. He's just witnessed a doe dropping twins!! She had had one when he got there and the other whilst he watched. He snuck off as darkness fell. Luckily there was no buck about so he twigged what was happening and didnt spook the scene with a shot. Lucky beggar.

    This is in North Yorks and strikes me as quite early really

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    any pics going to be took
    i heard of young over a month a go but no pickies as yet
    out on my first fawn hunt this weekend as everything seems to be early

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    Dont think pics are likely. We are both crap and never remember a camera at the best of times. Shes had them quite near a public right of way so I think she is best left and she will probably move off anyway

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    I got called out on Wednesday to a Suspected RTA.
    The deer was couched and did not move when his dog barked at it so was suspected as injured.
    I attended and it was the smallest Roe kid imaginable, probably only just born, still in full colour and tucked well into the cover.
    We crept away and suggested he leave well alone but if it is still there on Thursday call me, no call so mother has now moved it.
    Back in 1989 I watched Roe twins being born on 26th April, never heard of any as early as that before or since.
    I watched them for quite a while, both survived to maturity.

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