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Thread: Ackley reloading

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    Ackley reloading

    Would it be possible for someone who reloads AI to talk me through the process here please? I am at present 'blowing out' my cases. When I come to reload the AI cases what is the correct way to do it? Would I be full length re-sizing with an AI die set to the shoulder of the fire formed case? or are they neck sized? Also after a few loads do the shoulders need to be bumped back or does this not occur due to the AI design.

    Many thanks

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    Just reload the same as with any case, measure your fire formed brass with a comparator at the shoulder, set your FL die to bump the shoulder .001-.002 and then reload as normal.

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    Ok , cheers for that, just making sure as I dont want to mess things up as such.



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    Which calibre of Ackley are you reloading for?

    Regards JCS

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    Another thing I have done sometimes with mine was to seat the bullets long so they engrave in the barrel rifling, the thinking says that this should help keep your cases straight, and help reduce runout on your cases. This may not be possible if you plan on using your loads for hunting, as quite often when unloading an unfired round made up this way, the bullet will be pulled out and you can end up with a chamber full of powder.

    Many people are concerned about not getting good accuracy when fire forming the cases, I personally have always had very good results, hence the reason that I haven't always seated them long as discribed above, because I rather be out there using them for hunting rather than wasting barrel life.

    The AI cases will stretch less than their parent cases, so in theory you shouldn't need to F/L size as often, but I have found my cases shoot slightly better for a 0.001 knock back. Worth trying to see what your rifle/barrel likes best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post

    Which calibre of Ackley are you reloading for?

    Regards JCS
    Hi Jcs

    30-06 AI

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    When fire-forming you should nudge the bullet into the rifling to support the case fore and aft. Once fire-formed, just neck size and load as you will. I don't own a comparator and simply size until the chambering is smooth and easy on an empty case.~Muir

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    or you could do it this way and learn another method , no better or worse (allowing for the saving on barrel wear, bullet tops and the time saving facter) than firing a fireforming load just another way

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    Thanks for the replies so far. Thanks for your vid Spud, i have seen that method before but what i want to do is use the rifle for stalking whilst I am fire forming, then load up the AI brass later. The rifle same hole grouping even when fire forming and that way I can use up my old tub of powder when fire forming and not have to buy more.

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    Barrel wear is not really an issue with a 30-06 AI as it is still a well balanced cartridge. So I think you are right to just load rounds and go kill stuff.

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