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Thread: Need a new knife.

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    Need a new knife.

    I use one of the EKA Swing Blade knife's and it's a great knife the only thing is it's a bit broad when doing the back end of a small Deer, I see they have a new one called the EKA Fishblade has any one got one, if so what's it like if no one has one does any one know of a well priced plastic handled long thin bladed knife, any advice would be welcome.


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    Get a couple of these:

    Dogs danglies el cheapo perfectly good for the bleedin job kernives

    this is just one of the suppliers..cheapest around here is the local military surplus store at 10 each.
    Below is a link to my website.
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    The user 'Roch' makes knifes on here as a hobby. I got one off him. Really quite good!

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    Mora do a much smaller bladed one called a 'craftline punch' with a purple handle.
    BDS shop have them, but their photo looks a bit stretched!

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    Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake..

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    I've been using a Havalon Piranta for a while and its a nice knife. Uses replaceable blades so I guess it depends what your thoughts are on that. Fast and easy to change out to a new blade but no faster than touching up on a steel. Piranta Edge Skinning Knife with Replaceable Blades by Havalon

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    Nick it with the main blade then use the other blade, should be thin enough.

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    We've sold plenty of Mora's and overall they are hard to beat for the money. But our stock was really aimed at the bushcraft market. Unless its carefully chosen steel and well designed - certainly more 'meat' than Mora - the fine scandi grind is not a great choice for a gralloch knife. Even Mora UK tend to suggest a secondary/ micro bevel to make the edge a bit more durable.

    Mora has many happy users - including me. But be clear in what you are asking of it and open the the other options. Their Roe knife is a cracker and the scandi there works admirably and is easy to maintain. ( Its the very short wedge shape blade with the welded bead/ ball on the end ).

    Swingblade - undeniably a neat idea, but just has never lit my fire. The main blade shape is not great for the average UK stalker and unless you really pay attention, all kinds of crud build up inside.

    Convex gets my vote for a deer blade - much better meat cutter and like for like with hold its edge very well. The Fjallkniven WM1 is a great discrete knife and ideal for Munty, CWD & Roe. Pricey but good.

    In low price knives the Pendleton Lite is a very good blade. In fact I think the Lite has a better blade profile than the Pendleton Hunter. Steel is good and hollow grind a good compromise. Sheath a bit disappointing - but Dougster can fix that ( business relationship declared ).

    Happy hunting.
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    Well I ordered the EKA Fish Blade and the verdict is it's perfect for the job the blade is just the right size and also the gut opener is slightly smaller and for skinning smaller deer it's even easier, I only shoot up to Fallow size Deer but years ago I worked in an abattoir and dressed Sheep Pig's and Cattle and to be honest it would do all what I used to do with other knife's I would recommend it for all Deer, it's not the knife for removing feet or head's but like a lot of lad's I use a different knife for that so the gralloching knife stays razor sharp.


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