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Thread: Hw60 j bolt

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    Hw60 j bolt

    Does anyone have a copy of the manual or know how to strip the bolt for cleaning that could enlighten me .I bought the rifle 2nd hand recently and feel a full strip and clean is required but im not sure of the bolt workings ,any help is greatly appreciated.

    Cheers Billy....

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    I've got a manual. I don't want to part with it but I'll copy all the English language section and send it to you if you PM me your address. I'm afraid Weihrauch manuals aren't very informative though. Other than telling you what a brilliant rifle you've bought and safety warnings there's very little in it. There is a section on trigger adjustment and a single written paragraph without drawings on bolt disassembly. Its not exactly packed with detail but it may help you.
    Much as I love my HW, Weihrauch do give the impression that once they've sold you a rifle, that, as far as they're concerned is the end of the matter. They just don't do after sales and customer service.
    Let me know and I'll stick it in an envelope and send it up to you.

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    Cheers Finch ...

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    Cheers Finch it arrived today..

    Atb Billy.

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