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Thread: Advice on .243

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    Advice on .243


    For sometime i've been looking around at various .243 rifles and had until recently set my heart on a nice Howa lamianted thumbhole with matte stainless barrel. But having had discussions with a number of Gunshops as well as various stalkers, it seems trying to get hold of a Howa via Highland outdoors is somewhat difficult.

    As a stroke of luck I was out looking at a gunshop near where I work and they had a Weatherby Vanguard in .243, Synthetic stock (With what appeared to be a stonelike effect?) and Matte Stainless barrel.

    I hadn't until then even heard of a WV, but the guy in the shop tells me that it is basically a rebadged Howa. It looked nice, slightly different from other guns I'd looked at.

    From reading the reviews on here and other sites it seems that it is indeed a Howa rebadged, but I note comments state that these cost more than a howa?

    So my question is this, is 630 a good price for a brand new WV in .243, matte stainless barrel, synthetic stock and screwcut?

    Whilst I realise everybody has their favorite makes of rifle, do you think this will be a good enough gun for both Stalking and Foxing?

    All comments appreciated.


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    ref howa not sure of good price etc but andrew banner of uk custom shop can get you any variation on howa you need and first class custom back up service recent special offer on howa,hope this helps

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    Depends how you want to look at it. Howa build the Wetherby rifles (they certainly make the actions if they don't build the finished product. They are however almost the same as Wetherby's always used to be when they built their own rifles. Weatherby do give an accuracy gaurantee with some of their rifles which is uncommon. Garlands stock plenty of WV's.

    The Howa you wanted is available on the shelf at Northampton Gun Room so i see on Guntrader with a mod for 999......

    Try Richardson's at Halesworth if you haven't been there already. Might nt have one in but will almost certainly get you what you want.


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    Chris Potters had the howa you are looking for the last time I was in there.

    If I remember it was 795

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    Suffolk Shooter.
    Being a complete T3 convert at 630 you will not get the same spec with a Tikka for that. Is there an accuracy warranty? Try it for fit, if it feels right, buy it. By the time you have made up your mind it may not be on the shelf.

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    Have a chat with Fife Field sports 01592 652911 - speak to Dick or John - they have plenty of Howas in stock.

    Howa produce the Weatherby - same rifle basically. They look to be a good honest working rifle.

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    im with spiker tikka t3 all the way , def the best value for money in my opinion !
    p.s do you still want the roe sack its still hanging in the shed lol !

    cheers lee

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    I have a Howa in 243 and its an excellent rifle. Dont give up.

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    I have been looking around for a new 243 for a while now, l had my heart set on a mannlicher but the recent exchange rate put the price through the roof for me, l have heard good things about the T3 so today l paid 725 for a new T3 with a set of optilocs, just waiting now for the 1 for 1 to come back and l will be on the range.

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    I bought a Howa 243 stainless synthetic with a Hogue rubberised stock and Wildcat moderator for 750 from McLeods in Tain.

    It seems very good value to me and is a reasonably accurate working rifle - go for it.

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