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Thread: Fallow not rutting yet

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    Fallow not rutting yet

    First weekend that I have had free since beginning of harvest in July so decide to go and see what was happening with the fallow. Usually the rut is just starting and we leave the bucks alone and only pick out spikers. The big bucks stink and we find that things are quieter if you just let them get on with life. However no signs of any activity on any of the usual rutting stands so it seems as if it going to be later this year.

    Having checked them out a stalk through the wood revealed lots of slots but I saw only two does. Trees still in full leaf and plenty of undergrowth so decide to sit in high seat on woodland edge.Checked out distances to points of reference with range finder as I have a new Swaro Z3 with ballistic turret. Lovely cool evening with a light mist just rising. After 30 minutes out step 2 bucks at 75 metres one really good one which I leave and one with a pair of 12 inch antlers. So up goes the 270 aim just behind the shoulder half way up and down he goes. Not much of a test for the scope but delighted as this is first beast with 270 since I had Simon Lawrence fit one of his moderators. The gun a venerable Sako Finnbear is quite docile, no barrel flip, no ringing in the ears, teeth all still in place.I really can recommend Simon's work. Great attention to detail - a good engineer - not cheap but as far as I am concerned worth it. The beast gralloched and back to the larder -105lbs with head and feet off. In time for Sunday roast and glass of malt to celebrate.

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    Well done. Plenty of scrapes about here and heard the first grunt yesterday.

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