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Thread: Encouraging Young Guns

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    Encouraging Young Guns

    With six days partridge over and two let days left before the end of the season we still have a good few birds on the ground. I am hoping that the two days plus the keepers day should account for another 300 - 400 birds. After this the remaining birds will eventually drift off as they have down on previous years. Got me thinking. In general the guns that have been shooting this year are all older guys. With permission from the boss I would like to put something up for youngsters. I am thinking along the lines of an experienced parent with son/daughter gun. Two teams of say 9 with one team of youngsters shooting whilst the other team beat (would keep costs down and give experience from both sides), 4 drives giving two shooting and two beating. Safety would have to be high on the agenda and I would have to rely fairly heavily on the experienced parent to ensure that their son/daughter complied with all safety measures. Would this work? Is there insurance for shooting youngsters? Would I/the boss require to be insured to run this sort of day? Would the experienced parent require insurance as their youngster could make an error under their instruction?
    Anybody else run these sort of days that can give guidance/assistance. Many years ago I used to beat on a pheasant shoot that had a sons day usually about Christmas time. Was always well attended and some of these young lads could shoot.

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    sounds like a great idea you have there. When i was 14 a friend of my dads asked me if i wanted a go and took me a couple of times. Now im hooked on field sports and probably wouldn't have been able to do any of it if it wasn't for him. Although he took me on a 150 bird day and i must admit i thought after that, that all pheasant shooting was like that.

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