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    I'm just about to start going out again and need a good pair of bins since that hooligan Waddas shot my lovely old quality four quid pair I got from Ebay

    I've seen some Minox lightweight BV ? for around the 200 quid mark so just wondered if before I took the plunge has anyone got a pair of better quality ones they don't want as long as optics are good I don't mind if they are a little used and scruffy

    Do I need 7 x 42 or would the more compact 30 something size be as good?

    The ammount I could pay would be around the 200 mark and may be able to strech a little for something a bit better but not a huge ammount

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    I have got Zeiss Dekarem 10x50 multicoated optics made in the mid 1980 I think.
    Serial: 599xxxx
    Brown hard case and strap.
    Good if not very good condition.
    The lenses are unmarked, there are two marks on the inside of the lenses if you look through the objectives, but they do not affect the bins.
    These were made in East Germany and sold at a subsidised price.
    Price: 120 plus post.
    Near Bristol.
    My digi cam is broken otherwise I would have advertised them.
    Reason for sale: Zeiss DIALYT 7x42 bought recently.

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    Cheers Jack I was actually wanting something a bit more compact like the 7 x 42 size myself or I would have snapped your hand off at that price.

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    I have a pair of Minox 6.5 x 32 IF with forest green armour coating, they are just over a year old. I was going to keep them as a spare pair but in reality I have too much kit and should part with them.
    They would be available for 120 plus p&p if you are interested.

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    Hi legaleagle69

    Can I suggest a pair of seconhand Carl Ziess Jena Notarem binos I have a pair of the 8x30 mc and although I use my leica geovids most of the time I think the zeiss are actually slightly superior given their practicality There are currently a pair of 10x40b mc for sale on ebay and you can expect to pay circa 150. Excellent value for what are excellent optics.

    Regards Remmy7

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    cheers Remmy will have a gander

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