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Thread: ELEY Subsonic Hollow Xtra Plus 22lr

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    ELEY Subsonic Hollow Xtra Plus 22lr

    ELEY Subsonic Hollow Xtra Plus 22lr rounds or dose any one know where i might get some from

    Manny thanks Pete

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    Whereabouts are you Pete? Northallerton shooting supplies sell standard eley HP subs , not sure about Xtra plus.

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    Just purchased 600 from - J F Neville Guns | Alfreton, Derbyshire
    the new boxes don't say Xtra Plus on any more but they are Xtra Plus bullets!

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    Where in Yorks are you?

    Rimfire Magic
    Bob Dunkley
    Henry Krank should be close - I hope!

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    thanks all

    im in east yorks ive tryed the standard eley HP subs and group 2.5" (not good enough)

    the eley plus extra shoot one hole groups ???

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