As seen this is a standard RCBS Full Length Two Die Set of 1970s vintage with a RCBS 6mm Remington NECK SIZING DIE. Please note that there is no shellholder, uses RCBs No 3, and that the set contains only the one decapping rod with neck expander button.

Retail on sites like Midway UK is 38.00 for the Two Die FL Set and 37.00 for the Neck Size Die ALONE!

My price is 40.00 including Recorded Delivery within Great Britain. Payment by cheque or Postal Order ONLY.

The 'history' of these three dies is that it is actually a 1977 6mm Remington set of 'NECK SIZE DIE and SEATER/CRIMPER DIE' with the addition of the single 1979 '6mm Remington FULL LENGTH DIE'. In the 1970s RCBS did actually market as a listed item a '6mm Remington Neck Size Two Die Set' with the option of buying, as it was also a listed item, of on its own without the decapping rod, a '6mm Remington Full Length Sizing Die'.

Which explains why the Neck Size and Seater/Crimp Die are stamped as 1977 make and the FL Die as 1979 make. The box they come in is that which the FL Die came in and has typical RCBS 'reversed date code' '97' for 1979.


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