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Thread: Thermal Image Intensifiers

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    Thermal Image Intensifiers

    I was stalking with a couple of lads last week that have these Flir thermal imaging hand held units. I defo see a use for them from a commercial point of view if you are trying to get spooky deer etc, but recreational stalking maybe not! We were looking over a re-stock area which i normally find it hard to pick deer out on, switched on the thermal imaging and amazing a group of hinds and calfs (small red dots on the imager screen) switch the Flir off and you could not find them using binos etc. What do you think? i must say and awsome piece of kit, the kit to use if you want to kill deer etc, but do they have there place with recreational stalkers?
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    I have been out with a mate who has a FLIR, little hand held monocular. We spotted deer on a Clearfell area that we would not have spotted otherwise.

    If I had 2K kicking about and needed nothing else at that moment, would I be tempted....Yes.

    The advantage of being able to use in in daytime and night time is what makes it worth while.

    Position and hold must be firm enough to support the firearm
    The firearm must point naturally at the target without any undue physical effort
    Sight alignment (aiming) must be correct
    The shot must be released and followed through without disturbing the position

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    My wee stalking gang has one, and it is awesome. We have a two stage set up for spotting at the moment. One of those remote control lamps has been converted to night vision. The sealed beam unit has been removed and replaced with a camera and lens that is biased towards IR, and the back plate now has 10 IR LED's on it, throwing light out to 2-300 mtr. The camera is linked to a monitor in the cab of the landy, which has two phono inputs.

    We scan the ground with the thermal imager, which has its phono output linked to the monitors second input (developed for those monitors in head rests) and can see heat sources out to 2k. Herds of sheep and cows can clerly be seen at this range. The imager has a square that zooms into the hottest spot on the screen. This allows us to see if anything is there or if the ground is empty, saving time. It will see rabbits to a couple of hundred meters and larger targets much further.

    It is also really good for seeing what the eye cannot, such as deer lying up in cover, or further back into a forest where there is not enough light to see them. We have been using it to discover areas where we expected deer but had never seen them. It is also excellent for locating difficult foxes.

    Once located we switch the the IR and can identify the heat signature on this, as range is really difficult to guess with the imager and we need experience in guessing this. The imager gives a far clearer picture of what we are looking at.

    For shooting a nite site or similar is the answer. We have been using a unit built by one of the gang to great effect on bunnys, and he has a longer range version for foxes. We dont have a centre fire version made yet, they are probably a bit violent for what we have to date, though the design is there and all the parts, we just dont have one fitted to the scope yet.

    In the short time we have had it is is making a great difference to our enjoyment, and will come into its own when getting out before first light, and knowing that the animals are there rather than waiting in a barren area.

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