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Thread: Out for a Roe Buck didn't get one Got 2 Muntjac Instead :-)

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    Out for a Roe Buck didn't get one Got 2 Muntjac Instead :-)

    I took myself out this morning for a Roe Buck.

    Sadly all I could find were does, just as I had given up and was heading back to the car I spotted this pair of Muntjac.

    I changed course and stalked up the strip of wood that there were feeding on the edge of.

    I got to within 164m of them before I ran out of cover so it was up on to the home made Quad sticks and I took the buck.

    The doe did not even flinch and just carried on feeding.
    She had no visible udder and had quite a pronounced belly so believed her to be heavily pregnant, so I took her as well.

    The doe was indeed heavily pregnant with a 28cm foetus, so a good call there.

    When I checked and gralloched both deer, I was sad to find both had been strafed by shot guns.

    The doe had been shot from the front and had numerous fresh scars and the buck had been shot from the rear with numerous BB in his rear legs and a badly infected wound to the testicle.

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    A good morning's work, only marred by the dick heads who used shotguns previously and just caused injury.


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    A good morning indeed, Graham dowling wrote an article in the BASC magazine this month on Munties which was interesting, he mentioned finding numerous with pellets in them.


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    It might be worth speeking to the neighbours and asking if they are having problems with the Muntjack (if they are shooting with shot guns I would suggest they do have problems). It might be a good way to get more permission.

    Every cloud has a silver lining and all that stuff!!


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    Well done on the pair of Muntjac mate,but,it is terrible to think that some D***Head is going round shooting these deer with a shotgun,and,obviously from quite some range..............'M'

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