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    Scottish Ghillie

    Hello folks,
    I'm Dan, 23 year old college student who has just finished a NC course in Highland Gamekeeping. I've been involved in stalking on and off for about 2 years now and well i love it. It has all mostly been ghilling experience but it really does make my blood flow.
    Just about to finish my course in a few weeks and well i'm looking for some ghilling jobs in scotland, with th SGA forum down its been hard trying to find any. I have found a few and sent CVs of to a few which haven't advertised but still looking for somewhere. Would really appriecaite any leads as it is very much who you know to get anywhere in this business. Can give referees and cv if anyone is interested.
    For the time being I ma working here and there mostly farm hand work and fencing but still enjoy going lamping for deer with a friend. Gotta keep the skills going after all.
    Never knew there was a site like thisa till i found out from one of estates that intervoewed me so far i'm eally quite impressed. Anyway can't natter all day got do some work


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    Stalkers Job advertised in this weeks Oban Times.

    Will pm details.


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    Thanks, that was quick will look into it.

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