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Thread: Rate your kit

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    Rate your kit

    Having seen threads about a particular product not doing what it should or failing in some way. With so much kit on the market to part us all with our hard earned cash I thought it may be a good idea to spread the word about some kit you have that is particularly good or bad. A brief description, why you find it good/bad, cost & where it can be obtained from would be helpful.

    1) 9 pocket bum bag from target sports 15.00 it sits easily around the waist, carries everything from knives, torch, compact camera, paper towel, drag rope, spare ammunition, rubber gloves, spare batteries, phone, marker tape, plastic bags & hand cleaning gel. Or what ever you decide is required.

    2) guardian adventure light, about 18.00 from Amazon or USMC pro. Clip to dog collar/harness to aid following in the dark or dense cover, ideal to leave at point of shot if deer runs off at dusk, while you go to fetch a dog. Use 2x CR2032 batteries, mega bright and robust I've had 2 now for 4 years no issues (batteries have been replaced)

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    "Cost" is (to me) a relative thing and I am a great believer in "the quality will be remembered long after the cost is forgotten".

    Not intending to get into a willy waggling competition but the following bit of kits are, in my opinion, rated somewhere between excellent and superb

    Swaro scopes (8 x 56 and 6-18 x 50)
    Sako 75 22-250 stainless synthetic
    Savage stainless synthetic 7mm-08
    AYA No2 (1974)
    Musto CS313 goretex jacket and trousers
    Drizabone (sp?) stockman hat
    RCBS Chargemaster
    EKA swingblade and Buck folder.
    RCBS Rockchucker
    Wilson case trimmer
    Forster dies.
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    Deer dogs
    Harkila prohunter gear
    Alan Wood knives
    Nightforce scopes
    AIM drag bags
    Croots rifle slips
    Dave Sretton breast bone saw

    Other things are good but this is the stuff I believe is where you really get what you pay for or is real value for money.

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    Wilson trimmer and km neck turner both top bits of kit but best of all the sako 75
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benc View Post
    Deer dogs
    Harkila prohunter gear
    Alan Wood knives
    Nightforce scopes
    AIM drag bags
    Croots rifle slips
    Dave Sretton breast bone saw

    Other things are good but this is the stuff I believe is where you really get what you pay for or is real value for money.
    oh Ben you snob regards pete

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    oh Ben you snob regards pete
    He can afford to be

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    Best value for money bit of kit I have is a mil surplus windproof smock - makes a great stalking jacket, is pretty waterproof with a Nikwax treatment and it only cost a few quid so not hard to replace if I lose out against a barbed wire fence or similar.

    Next in line is probably a Crusader stove and cup with a good supply of chafing gel as fuel - you can't beat a good cup of tea and it is miles better than out of a flask.
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    Deer dogs
    swaro scopes 8 x 56 or 2.5 x 10 x 56
    Blaser rifles
    Blaser rifle scopes
    Blasers rifle slings
    Eka swingblades
    white plasteres bath
    old isuzu trooper faultless
    leica rangefinding binos

    regards pete .

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    I'm glad to see there is no cock fighting going on here What would be really interesting is to see whether with all this (branded) kit which is so superior to the rest has it made much difference to number of deer shot per outing? Or would the advantage be given to the guy who spends less on kit and more on stalking, in so doing has an increased chance of making kills purely by time on the ground against the guy with all the bells and whistles but with less time on the ground. Just a thought.
    My Kit:
    Sauer 202 classic XT 6.5x55 (good value, well made and should last a life time, barrels replaceable should be needed)
    Bushnell Elite 6500 2.5-16x50 mil dot scope 500 and I'd say 95% as good as the top end stuff, certainly capable of doing the job well into dusk/dawn.
    Bushnell elite bins 8x42 Once again 1/3 price of swaro lecia etc, have compared them in the field and really can't see the differance.
    Home loaded ammo (This is questionable as I know the ammo shoots better but probably not worth the set up cost over decent factory ammo if only using small amount of ammo, money probably better spent on bins or scope. I like reloading so except the cost)
    Leupold range finder (Once again one of those bits of kit that works great but unless out on open land taking shots beyond 150 yds not really required.)
    7.50 mora knife. This is a must have, sharp as a scaple, take a good edge in the field, easy to clean, and if you lost it you wouldn't be crying for days. This has got to be top of the list for value and effectiveness.
    Browning jacket (Keeps me warm as toast in the winter, inner removes for the summer) Bought this is Canada. I've never been so comfortable up in a seat or creeping through the wood in the cold than in this jacket, makes the day so much more enjoyable if warm and dry.
    Decent boots
    A storm kettle for tea break.
    That's about it for me and so far I have managed to hit everything my cross hairs land on. I think there may well be an element of beginners luck, but my view as a beginner is have the basics but spend more time working on field craft than trying to fathom out how to work all the gadgets.
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    My custom built 20 tac,

    the rest is just add ons.

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