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Thread: Anyone for a defender?

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    That just about sums up the Defender a very true account. The new ones are no better in reliability surveys they are the most unreliable vehicle being at the bottom of the list.


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    Finally, a Land Rover owner without rose tinted glasses. They really are *****.

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    That is brilliant best advert I have seen on ebay hilarious, and a true representation of most defenders I no of or have owned and my girlfriend currently has a defender puma and even that is temperamental give me a l200 anyday

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    The amazing thing is that people are still offering to pay him money for it and, from what I can see, in and around the going rate.
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    That's the best post I've seen still laughing now


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    excellent !
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    The poor soul has obviously seen the light.

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    Went off them years ago. I did get very friendly with a lady in the spares department at Paddocks. Purchased a L200 in 2001 and still own it.
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