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Thread: Rowan Berry mystery.

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    Rowan Berry mystery.

    At this time of year on our hill paths there are numerous small piles of wet, possibly part digested Rowan berries.
    I have never seen what leaves these deposits and they are found almost exclusively on the footpaths.
    I know that migratory thrushes (fieldfares,redwings) feed on the hill rowan crop but I have never seen them frequent paths after feeding. Maybe they eject them from their crops for some reason while picking up grit on the tracks? Or are the culprits Pine Martens?
    No doubt some venerable and more knowledgeable hill man than I can solve my little mystery?

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    Pine martens I think.


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    Pine martens, juveniles.

    juveniles don,t yet have the enzymes in their gut to break down the berries.

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    Over here (Norway) we have nearly the same thing. The woods and roads are full of crap with undigested cranberries. I put them down to foxes.

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    Definatly Pinemartens. Birds digest away the fruit from the seed very efficiently. Thats how nature has arranged the spread of seed away from the parent tree. If you want to raise Rowans from seed you need to mash up the berry and wash off all the pulp before sowing or the seed will fail. Isnt nature amazing sometimes. David

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    Quote Originally Posted by skywull View Post
    Jays can digest rowan berries, they have pretty strong guts - think acorn!

    Although berries will break down in most birds digestive systems, it will certainly colour the s***.

    by breaking down the berry in the gut, they then deposit the seeds in a clump of fertilizer.

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    That will be Pine Martens they leave their signature in rowans all over my garden path and patio.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    pine martens. have never seen this in areas with no pine martens........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squeeze the Trigger. View Post
    pine martens. have never seen this in areas with no pine martens........
    Are there any areas without PMs ????????

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