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Thread: West country game

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    West country game

    Has anyone been stalking with Westcountry Game?
    I was at Illchester Estate on a NGO/GCT charity clay fun day and remembered they sell commercial stalking and wondered if anyone from here has been?

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    I know Paul Johnson well, and use him as my local game dealer.

    The quality of the stalking he can provide is quite simply - fantastic.

    His lounge wall is covered in Gold Medal roe heads that he has guided Clients onto. I would say that most Stalkers would suffer 'Jaw Drop' and an urge to say 'Wow' on seeing the collection of mouldings. Certainly, that is the reaction I get on walking in for a coffee!

    He also has huge numbers of Fallow to cull in season.

    PM me for further any further info.

    Rgds Ian

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    West Country game


    Ive booked with Paul, for the begining of June - he seems like a really nice bloke, very helpful.



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    Paul Johnson
    a character in his own right
    can't recommend him anymore as he has let me down to many times in the past due to his com skills
    but i would use him again just for myself thou
    once you are in his company then he will treat you fairly and look after you,
    defo has a shed load of fallow to deal with , and i presume still on the boar

    plenty of trophies on his lounge wall and makes a decent coffee

    just don't let him sell you a teckel
    sorry paul , can't resist that one if you are looking in
    you should hav a good time and see plenty of deer
    plus take a camera

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    sako 85 have not had the pleasure of meeting paul yet
    was sorting out some boar shooting and a letter for the
    flo for boar
    that was two months ago heard nothing since
    jurys out

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    I went to Paul's after wild boar a couple of months ago. I spent 3 nights in a high tower but unfortunately the weather was atrocious so drew a blank.
    I am planning to go back again though. Paul is a very knowledgeable and professional stalker and his land is first class. Wild boar are difficult to get so I was expecting the possibility of a second trip. I also plan to go for Roe as well.
    Paul was waiting to go in for an operation so that is probably why he has not been in touch for a while.

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    West Country Game


    I had a phone call with Paul about 6 or 7 weeks ago and settled on dates, and he said he call me back regarding accomodation etc - I didn't hear from him so rang him several times over the weeks, left a couple of messages but heard nothing back.

    He eventually left a message on my mobile last Monday (to go down to Dorset on the Thursday).

    I didn't hear it until the Wednesday and to be honest with no response to my calls at all i'd made other plans - so no boar for me.

    I guess I can second what others have said, a very nice fella but ***** at communicating - which in fairness is like most pro stalkers ive met!

    Wish I could be as busy out of doors as them.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Spin
    I went to Paul's after wild boar a couple of months ago.
    does he still hav that night vis monocular
    fantastic piece of kit, it was better than the gen2+ and extra illuminator that i was looking through

    sorry to hear you missed out Daemo
    but probally for the best
    try booking again for the winter with less cover about and the sows are not in young
    as you are now in contact you should be able to sort something, could even push for a discount for all the messing about

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    Just seen this post by Daemon.

    Leaves me a bit annoyed at having gone to the trouble of liasing with stalkers and recommending the bloke, only to have the whole thing fall to pieces due to lack of communication.

    Sorry folks, the ground is great and the beasts are there - just wish Paul could figure out how to use an ansaphone.

    Rgds Ian

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