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Thread: norma oryx bullets

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    norma oryx bullets

    Hello all, I was hoping someone here might have used the Norma Oryx bonded core bullets on game . I've got 80 loaded rounds of 9.3x57 232 gr oryx's . They group really well but I'd be grateful to hear about any field experience some of you might have
    Thanks and good hunting
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    In sure you will get a reply, Try the feildsports channel on utube, there is a 40 min programme well worth watch about Norma and the oryx bullet gets tested in scotlond and into some jelly watch you will see.


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    I haven't shot any Oryx bullets through my 9.3 yet so can't comment on the bullets inthat calibre but I can say that the one boar that I have shot with a 8mm 196grn Oryx bullet piled up pretty sharply so they seem to do the job. In comparison I shot another running boar using a Nosler partition in 9.3mm, an almost identical shot but that boar ran on for perhaps 60 yards. I realise that two shots aren't much of a comparison, all I would say is that I am more than happy to use the Oryx bullets if I can get them.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    About 5 years ago visiting some hunting friends in Norway I came across a large glass jar 3/4,s full of heads recovered from moose they had shot over the years.
    I was very impressed with the way these had expanded and held together. I asked what they were. Although all of them shoot different calibres from 6.5x55 to 375 H&H and most in between,everyone used Norma Oryx ammunition.
    Since then I have used it myself in 243,6.5x55 and 308. It certainly does what it says on the box.
    Great weight retention and good controlled expansion.

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    I was given 60 when i first bought a 7mag i had. They were accurate enough for hunting. They dropped deer very well. They held together and if i remember right they lost 20% of their weight once retrieved.

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    Thanks for your input boys , the video was really good. I've heard good things about the oryx line of bullets but we dont see them to often out here.Thats why I joined this website , informed opinion based on experience.
    Thanks again

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    I reload 180grn Oryx for my .308. I shoot 156grn Oryx in my 7x57R. The Oryx bullet is great: I've retrieved 2 from moose I've shot and both had 95% retained weight. Plus i can buy them for reloading or ready rolled from my local gun shop.

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    Thanks Jagare , I'll be taking my Husky 9.3 out for moose & elk (wapiti) for a week this weekend. A husqvarna rifle in 9.3x57 loaded with norma bullets ,unfortunately thats about as close as I'll get to a swedish moose hunt lol.Out of curiosity, the moose here are in full rut , are they in rut where you are
    Thanks and good hunting

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    Hej Alberta boy. The rut here is about over. We have plenty of moose around this year. I saw a cow with 2 calves eating the apples in my nieghbours garden yesterday. The moose hunting started on Monday but we hunt next Thursday. We only hunt moose with dogs. The leader of our hunting team has very good Gråhunds. We are sure to get something.

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