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Thread: which AR in .22lr

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    which AR in .22lr

    Have been doing a little research and fancy a semi auto black gun for the range

    i have it down to smith and wesson mp15-22 performance centre these are 850

    or a spikes st22 from NWCP at 950

    any real world experience of these 2 guns or perhaps an AR guru to set me right?

    7mm-08 of course!

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    a guy down are range has a smith and wesson M4 i think it is. the build quality is very good i think he got his for about 550

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    The best if you can find one is a Mark Braddley 22, sadly he has stopped making they as things like the GSG were coming in to the UK at a fraction of the cost, the diffrence is apart from the bolt conversion its a real AR. my second choice would be the NWCP.


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    I shot a S&W a few weeks back. It wasn't that exciting once you got past the looks;it was just a semi-auto .22 that was reasonably accurate. It was interesting that the same rifle showed up on the 2nd hand rack at the Trading Post this weekend after being traded in on a Savage .22 "Tactical/Target" bolt gun. Evidently the looks didn't out weigh the performance.~Muir

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    My AR-15 .22 is based around a correct AR15 lower, made by Southern Gun Company, and an upper made by CZ (called the V-22)
    Going that route meant I could/can in theory also get a variation to then add a straight pull upper to the lower - such as 6.8SPC, 300 Whisper, .223, 5.56, 6.5Grendel, etc.

    Another option to look for would be one of the AR15 versions made by Bremmer Arms a few years back - some of them show up for sale from time to time.
    Again - this is a correct AR15 lower. Staying with a full sized AR15 design means that apart from all the possible upper receivers that can be added, the rifle will accept standard AR parts/grips/triggers/stocks/accessories, etc.

    The S&W I have seen is a slightly down sized AR - so not all accessories will fit
    Same applies to the Colt made version
    The Spikes are good; but Spikes have stopped making .22 AR's now, so you may have a long term issue with spares
    The Bradley AR22 is very good but even 2nd hand they are well past the 1000 mark by a few hundred quid.

    My 0.02c worth - hope it is of use!

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    If you fancy a short range AR, what about the southen gun 9mm with bolt hold open. I have shot one and with only a little pratice you can spit brass as quick as a semi auto and the actually make a propper bang.


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    I was all set to do this a few weeks ago and then I did the following.

    Second hand Ruger 10/22 Stainless Synth (legendary reliability and aftermarket spares) 150

    To the above tuned gun I added a RFD bolt/mag release lever. 20 Rude Fat Dog.

    3 Ruger BX25 mags 25 rounds each 30 each. South Yorkshire Shooting.

    Tapco intrafuse stock with AR style 5 position stock 125 midwayuk

    325 all up. Runs like a sewing machine.

    For 130 more (Sportsman Gun Centre) you can buy the gun new and spend 50 and some time tuning the trigger, ABR etc.

    Worth a look at Rimfire Magic too.

    For a .22 I don't feel the style is worth another 500. I am however shopping for a Southern Gun Company Speedmaster in .223!

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    i have owned a ruger 10-22 in the past and altho it was fun i want something different, i would love a bradley arms, been trying to get Gavin from anglo custom to part with his but its not happening lol
    what i was thinking was the smith and wesson or 100 quid more for the spikes, not knowing a lot about this rifle platform didnt know if the smith was overpriced or if the spikes was worth 100 quid more
    7mm-08 of course!

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    My club members warn against GSG.

    Good luck with your purchase.

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    get the smith and wesson mp15/22
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