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Thread: screw cutting cost

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    screw cutting cost

    anybody know how much it will cost to get a rifle screw cut ? Its a 243 CZ
    Don't need it proofed as its not going to be sold on!

    One local rfd says about 50, another reckons its about 150!

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    Big thug87

    Eighteen months ago I paid 45 for screw cut.


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    thanks verty much

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    If you get some one quoting you hay ask to see one that has been done. By local gun shop got mine done for me and to be honest I could have done better with hand tools and a hand held die.

    They should turn it down on the lathe then cut the thread with the srew cutting attachmnet on the lathe with the barrel centred so the threads are concentric to the axis to the bore. I would have done it my self but I dont have access to a lathe at the moment.

    It looks like they turned it down on the lathe then run the die down it by hand. If you want to put a thread on a bar in the lathe you can put the die on the tail stock but in my opinion this is not good enough for a precision rifle.


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    i paid 35 quid about 8 months ago when i had my tikka t3 done ! but mosts crew cutting comes into the cost with the moderator . the last t8 moderator i bought in 30 cal was 210 fitted and that was on a cz american 550

    cheers lee

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    About 40 to 50 seems to be the going rate. I would advise taking it to a place with a gunsmith onsite, rather than a shop that sends them to an engineer. I waited seven weeks to get mine back, this ofcourse is not everyones experience, but if the engineering company are tooled up for a job your gun may wait for that contract to be finished before retooling. 150 seems extortionate. If you do ever want it proofed its about 35 and you can take it yourself if not to far. I paid 300 for threading proofing and a T8.

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    guys just a quick note here
    the cost of getting it screw cut is not realy the issue
    it's getting it cut by a competent person that matters in my opinion
    and also if they are supplying the mod aswell
    as some cut the threads to match a mod others get a blank mod in to cut both rifle and mod together, more as a customised fit
    i hav seen lots of probs with mods over the last 2 years
    from customised fitting where the T8 mod had rusted and a standard threaded T8 did not fit so another blank had to be obtained and cut to fit more money as the gunsmith charged for the threading and proofing of the new mod , was not the gunsmiths his fault the mod had rusted
    a mate had his rifle barrel shortened and screw cut by a lesser known smith , with which he had probs so sent it back they re-cut it again and messed up the cut again or could be the mod not sure
    now is barrel is to short to re-cut for the T8 he bought to fit and can't sell the T8 as it is not a standard cut or fit a different mod on as the cost of another mod and threading is to much , cost to make a claim against it all would be more than buying a new rifle and mod
    so just be carefull in who you use and find out exactley what they do, may help more in the future if a prob arises and how to overcome it

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    the cost of getting it screw cut is not realy the issue
    it's getting it cut by a competent person that matters
    I could not agree more. I have just had a Jet-Z fitted to my remmy 308. I paid a total of 450 (290 Mod, 120 thread cutting, 40 proof) for it; yes expensive I know but the RS I use for this type of work is one of the best in the business and his workmanship is truly excellent.

    I would NEVER go to a 'gunshop' and ask for them to have my mod fitted - you do not know who is doing the work and what their repuation is like - let alone their skill level.

    From what I gather the barrel should be squared on a lathe, and the initial diameter cut and the back face squared off. Then the tread is cut, on the lathe. Then there should be a slight recess cut behind the thread so the mod is forced square against the back face when nipped tight (especially important for front mods like the jet-z). I am not sure where the sqaure datum would be or an overbarrel mod, but there has to be one!



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    Definately not the cheapest.
    But if carlsberg did screw cutting of barrels then Nigel Teague would do it for them!

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    if your in norfolk i highly recomend philip webster just started out on his own after leaving norfolk sporting guns .
    he now does all my gun smithing and he is also reasonably priced !
    the screw cutting he does is out of this world my t8 fits a treat


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